Integrative Pet Therapy Center @ DAMC Offering Hydrotherapy, Acupuncture, Cold Laser and more!

A Comforting Approach

Longevity and unexpected injuries in our beloved pets have created the need for more options to reduce pain, improve mobility, and extend quality of life. An integrative approach to these medical issues include expanding on traditional veterinary therapies with the use of integrative medicine, acupuncture and massage, rehabilitative exercises, hydrotherapy, and laser treatment.

Acupuncture is another treatment available for chronic pain and medical disorders. Treating the body with fine needles in specific, well-studied areas stimulates circulation, nerve activity, relieves muscle tension, and promotes general well-being. Acupuncture is very well tolerated by pets and is a safe, effective addition or alternative to traditional medical therapies.

The underwater treadmill allows for muscle strengthening with low impact exercise. Your pet walks on a treadmill belt with assistance in warm water. The water removes weight bearing pressure from the joints and provides support, while the water resistance promotes strength and muscle conditioning. For pets with neurological deficits or weakness, the steady pace of the treadmill helps support a stronger, more regular walking pattern. The underwater treadmill can also be used to build fitness and promote weight loss. Walking in water burns more calories when compared to walking on flat surfaces, making your pet stronger and more fit. Pets at an ideal body weight experience less joint and whole body pain in addition to living a longer healthier life.

The therapeutic laser uses a specific wavelength of light to stimulate cells in the body. The effect is reduced inflammation, better healing after trauma or surgery, reduced pain, and increased blood flow. Laser treatments offer a targeted treatment for joints or areas of the body that are painful.

Surgery: Before and After

For patients awaiting surgery, these services can assist with limb use and strength in order to prevent muscle atrophy (loss). A stronger pet can have an easier recovery from surgery. After surgery, rehabilitation and integrative medicine assists with a more comfortable recovery. Pets can return to normal activity sooner with the help of targeted exercises and treatments that encourage strength and stamina. Reintroduction of activity and controlled use of the limb can result in a better post-surgical outcome.

Healing Injuries

Pets with orthopedic or muscle injuries can benefit from therapeutic exercises that focus on comfort, encourage weight-bearing in the injured limb, and maintain muscle mass and strength during recovery.

Aging Pets and Seniors

As pets age, mobility begins to change. Early signs include a harder time getting up from lying down, difficulty with stairs, reduced interest in long walks, acting quiet and withdrawn, or lack of play with toys. Rehabilitation Therapy, Physical Medicine and integrative medicine all help to improve mobility and comfort with a custom care plan designed for your pet based on his/her individual needs. Discomfort can be lessened with the use of acupuncture and laser therapy, while hydrotherapy and therapeutic exercises aide in building muscle strength and coordination to promote mobility, longevity, and quality of life as pets age.